Susanna Hoke portrait

Welcome our new Graduate Theology Research Assistant-Susanna Hoke

One of the initiatives of Pivot NW is to deploy some budding theologians and pastoral leaders in service to the grant research. These graduate theology students will be stretched in areas complimentary to their seminary experience. To name a few; curriculum development, ethnography (study of culture of individuals and people groups), research curation, social media management in church and parachurch contexts, etc.

I am a second-year student in the MDiv program at Seattle Pacific Seminary and am pursuing ordination through the PCUSA.  I am a native of California and have a Master’s in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary.  Prior to my move to Seattle, I was the director of Mission at Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, CA.  During my time at Bidwell, I was part of a community who helped envision, plan and launch a new worship service as well as other activities to support community and discipleship among young adults.  It was a privilege to be part of a congregation that asked some courageous questions and took some big risks to reach out to young adults, wrap them into the church and make changes to be more welcoming. Following my move to Seattle, I have continued to engage with young adults through my neighborhood in the University District and as the elder for college ministries at University Presbyterian Church.  It is an age group that I am drawn to with both hope and compassion as they navigate a unique season of life.

I believe that the Pivot NW project is both important and hopeful in its efforts to support and cultivate the faith of young adults in the U.S. within the Christian church. Young adults bring some of the strongest voices and most significant insights into the conversation we are having and must continue to have about the future of the Church.   I am hopeful that this initiative will have a significant impact locally and nationwide on the way the Church engages and interacts with young adults and that the insights brought through this project will have ripple effects throughout the Church at large as we seek to be a community of love and faithfulness to God and one another.  As an MDiv student pursuing pastoral ministry, I have personal curiosity and passion to see this project thrive and to learn what I might as I prepare to lead my own congregation.