Welcome our new Graduate Theology Research Assistant-Abby Sham

One of the initiatives of Pivot NW is to deploy some budding theologians and pastoral leaders in service to the grant research. These graduate theology students will be stretched in areas complimentary to their seminary experience. To name a few; curriculum development, ethnography (study of culture of individuals and people groups), research curation, social media management in church and parachurch contexts, etc.

As a life-long student with a growing interest in the discipline of practical theology, I am excited to join the Pivot NW team to help churches discover how they might innovative in the way they engage young adults. As a millennial myself who is struggling to make sense of the world and my place in it, I recognize the Church’s need to speak anew to a generation that seeks authenticity and embraces intense questions, laments, and creativity. Along with the rest of the Pivot team, I desire to act as a bridge builder to connect the Church with a skeptical generation and the greater culture.

I hold a BA in Bible and Theology from Lee University, a MTS from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and am currently working on my MDiv here at Seattle Pacific Seminary. I am newly married and new to the Seattle area. While I have lived most of my life in Ohio and Tennessee, I have spent most of my summers in Romania and the Czech Republic doing mission work through intentional Christian community. I have a particular interest in Christian community, hospitality, and literature/story-telling. When I was first exposed to Christian history and theology in college, I hoped to become a professor of patristics. Although I still love reading the early Church fathers, I am now more generally interested in the development of Christian community and constructing a theological imagination. Perhaps this change in theological focus is due to my own felt need of community. While I recognize Pivot NW will not uncover all the answers to the questions that my generation is asking, I hope we will faithfully partner with those questions and with the Holy Spirit to build communities that wrestle well with questions, are open to mystery, and are rooted in Christ.