Welcome our new Church Communications and Ethnography Coordinator Lauren Pattie

One of the initiatives of Pivot NW is to deploy some budding theologians and pastoral leaders in service to the grant research. These graduate theology students will be stretched in areas complimentary to their seminary experience. To name a few; curriculum development, ethnography (study of culture of individuals and people groups), research curation, social media management in church and parachurch contexts, etc.

As a seminary graduate who believes in the theological importance of the church, I am interested in exploring the reasons why young people are disconnecting from the church. Pivot NW’s mission is of critical importance today. Discovering how the church can adapt and grow to meaningfully engage the millennial population will undoubtedly help the church reach more people in our post-Christian society. While I see a need for innovations in the church to draw back younger generations, I am also encouraged by the progress I already see in many Seattle churches. I’m excited to develop deeper relationships with these churches, walking alongside them as they seek to reach young adults and better serve in this beautiful city. I am an active member at First Covenant Church on Capitol Hill where I assist with worship planning and occasionally get to preach.

I received a Master of Arts in Theology degree with an emphasis in biblical languages from Fuller Seminary in 2017. I continue to work with Fuller Seminary as the Office Coordinator at Fuller’s Northwest regional campus. I am also a contributing author and the managing editor of Christ & Cascadia, an online theological journal associated with Fuller. My current goal is to pursue a PhD in biblical studies. In general terms, I would like my research and teaching to promote a better appreciation for the Old Testament. I hope to produce research that emphasizes the Old Testament as a living, breathing work of art and reconnects the church with the theological imagination that initially inspired these texts.