Podcast conversation with Dawn Zern from UGM (Placemat link)

Greetings podcast listeners. Martin here.

If you are reading this and are not just a huge fan of our blog, then perhaps you are looking for the placemat that Dawn Zern of Union Gospel Mission and I discussed in our Fall 2018 conversation.

Without further ado, find that here: https://www.ugm.org/blog/how-to-have-meaningful-conversations/ or for a direct link https://www.ugm.org/media/2127/missionmeals_placemats_final.pdf

It occurred to us during our conversation that creating safe spaces for dialogue for vulnerable populations was somewhat similar whether it was the those experiencing homelessness at a shelter, or a young adult attending a church wherein they are a rare sight.

This was the impetus of the UGM placemats; to create appropriate levels of intimacy in casual conversation between those experiencing homelessness and those who want to serve them. Pivot NW created the discussion guide initiative (found at https://pivotnw.org/research/) for the same purpose; to create mutually-transformative experiences among young adults and between young adults and others in the church. We hope the discussion guides foster intimacy at appropriate levels and guides safely to deeper levels at a safe pace.