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“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”
How can young adults, accompanied by others, develop ways to care for themselves and grow into their unique leadership in the community and church?


How are personal, community, and social transformation interrelated and interdependent?


How can the church help young adults develop their calling for the sake of their communities?


Who are the local and global partners young adults can work with as they live out their faith?


PACE is an expansion of Pivot NW which worked within congregations from 2016-2021. Going forward our goal is to work across congregational networks and partner with church and ministry leaders, as well as young adults, to create networks of support and accountability for young adults who are already in the church or those interested in church.

PACE Fellows 
(For Young Adults)

Convene annual cohorts of young adult leaders to build networks of support, leadership capacity, workplace resiliency, personal spiritual disciplines, and vocational entrepreneurial spirit so that they can better serve their communities.

PACE Foundations 
(For Everyone)

Share our research findings with a larger audience through blog posts, video content, podcast episodes, and curriculums. These resources are designed for both bite-size consumption and more in-depth education on young adult hospitality, needs, and allyship.

PACE Integration Summits 
(For Denominations & Networks)

Host events for specific church ecosystems that contextualize concepts developed by Pivot NW to deepen learning and engagement. We can also be guests at established gatherings to share our learnings and lead basic exercises for integrating new awareness of young adult needs and desires into church life.

PACE Mentors 
(For Those Supporting Young Adults)

Identify, resource (through PACE Foundations), and train young adult and senior leaders in tandem to support and encourage young adults in their calling for the sake of the church, workplace, and community.

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