Where Are All The Young Adults?

If you've asked this question at your church, you're not alone. Many churches struggle to attract and retain young adults. Many don't even know where to begin. That's why Pivot NW exists.

Pivot NW has now expanded to PACE NW. We'll spend the next 4 years spreading the news (PACE NW) of what we have learned in our work, while continuing to listen (Pivot NW) and sharpen the ideas that we hope will make the church more hospitable to 20-somethings now and into the future.
Elevate young adults to areas of leadership in the congregation (where budget-making decisions occur).
Collect and listen to stories about your church from people of various generations/populations.
Budget for and implement a program for intergenerational relationship building. Include reciprocal (or "reverse") mentorship and vulnerability.
Create and support ($$$) a space for young adults to grow in faith together.
Build a young adult initiative team at your church.

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