2016-2021 Summaries

Toward the end of the 2016-2021 phase of The Lilly Endowment Young Adult Initiative, the Endowment employed Springtide Research to followup with the congregations and young adults who participated so that a comprehensive report could be made that synthesized the learnings of the 12 hubs. Click below to view and/or download the reports and learn alongside us.

2017-2018 Research

Watch the video for a discussion of our 2017-2018 original research into the spiritual climate of young adults. We discuss the results of the survey, the implications for the Church, and what additional questions arise.

Would you like to read through the Surveys to see what we are asking?


Read the Church Differentiators survey. For more context, read this blog post.

Faith Practices 
& Growth

Read the Faith Practices & Growth survey. For more context, read this blog post.

Faith Community Participation

Read the Faith Community Participation survey. For more context, read this blog post.

2020 Research

Change Management Survey Results

In the Spring of 2020 we surveyed the dozen churches with whom we have been innovating in the area of young adult engagement and this is what we learned about how those innovation efforts affected the culture of those churches.