Discussion Guides

Welcome the Pivot NW Discussion Guides page. As we did research and listened to young adults, it became clear that many of them were doing intense and important faith (re)formation. A huge component of that was gathering with peers and having discussions about tough and salient faith issues. Sometimes leaders like pastors were involved but sometimes not. Sometimes big groups met in public places, sometimes small groups gathered in private homes. Wherever and with whomever you choose to gather, these discussion guides are designed to kick off good conversations.

Leadership Guides for Discussion Groups

If you plan to lead the discussion, start here for suggestions on how to do so effectively.

Ways of Being

A short guide on having an effective conversation.

Facilitator Practice

A short activity to train better facilitators.

Conversation Guides

A Life Fulfilled

This guide considers what the purpose of life is and what motivates our actions. It is based off original Pivot NW research.


This guide will discuss what sabbath or rest means for us as human beings today. 

Church: Why Bother?

This guide debates the importance of church and how church community might be improved. 


If conflict is a normal part of life, even Christian life, how do we deal with it in a productive way?

Faith Practices & Growth

What practices actually do grow faith for young adults? This guide is based off original Pivot NW research.

Life: For the Sake of What?

This guide explores the "Meaning of Life" question from a biblical point of view.

God & Evolution

This guide addresses some differing views on how we came to be here. It talks about Evolution, Creation, and how our understanding of these things impacts how we live our lives.

Historic Diversity of the Church (Discussion Guide Companion)

This companion sheet has some quick, short definitions that help facilitate a discussion of the diversity of the Christian tradition (e.g. Pentecostal vs. Reformed vs. Wesleyan vs. Roman Catholic).

Jesus Went There

This guide sparks conversation on how to approach social and political conflicts in a Christ-like way.

Marriage Equality

The purpose of this discussion guide is to explore how different branches within the Christian church think and talk about marriage equality. The goal of this conversation is not to argue one viewpoint over another but to understand how other people have come to their views.

On-ramps and Off-ramps

This guide instigates a conversation about what attracts young adults to church and what repels them. Based off original Pivot NW research.

Christianity & Politics

This guide talks about the compatibility or incompatibility of Christianity and politics. 


This guide discusses the complexities of and different perspectives on developing relationships in your 20s.

Religion or Repetition?

This guide compares different religions and addresses how different beliefs affect our identities. 

Scarcity or Abundance

This guide offers everyone an opportunity to engage in an important conversation about hope.

All In: Sink or Swim

This guide is for anyone interested in exploring the reason(s) why we sometimes take risks. 

Wedding Bells

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or engaged, at some point most people wonder what it would be like to be married. This guide is for everyone, not just engaged couples, and helps create a conversation around views on marriage.

What's Your Story?

This guide talks about the importance of story and how stories shape us. It asks us to reflect on our own stories, as well as the Christian story.

Where Is Your Community?

This guide is about “third places,” or the places aside from work or home where you spend the most time and get the most value. These places are essential for getting our needs met, and they often form our community.

Who Is Jesus?

This guide is designed to facilitate conversations about how we view Jesus. Hopefully, it will encourage a greater understanding of how we think about Jesus.