Intersectionality & the Church
May 26th, 2021
In the wake of the last few years of social justice work characterized by the rise of Black Lives Matter and the #metoo movement, the term "intersectionality" has risen in prominence. If this term is ...  Read More
Making a Safe Space for Young Adults
May 26th, 2021
What does making a safe space for young adults in the church look like? This is an interesting question for churches to consider. When this project started, the churches that applied and were accepted...  Read More
Living the Deeds of a Love So Noble: Being Pentecost People in 2021
April 23rd, 2021
As our churches move into Pentecost and to the end of this project in innovation with Pivot NW, it is a good time to return to the most basic of questions: what, then, is the nature of the Church?  So...  Read More
Young Adults on Council!?
October 5th, 2020
One phenomenon that Pivot NW has been watching closely across the last few years is 20-somethings joining the church council.Out of the 20-or-so churches that we've worked with, the number of 20-somet...  Read More
The Challenges of Young Adulthood
October 5th, 2020
One of the early defining questions of this project was whether to use the term Millenial or young adult when referring to our target demographic of 23 to 29-year-olds. We even floated 20-somethings a...  Read More
Variety of Story
October 5th, 2020
Thumbnail and main image: Sermon on the Mount by Carl Bloch (1877), Public Domain One of the first things we did when we started this project was to dream up an application that would be short enough ...  Read More
The Anatomy of an Ideation Lab
October 1st, 2020
If you're anything like me, you might find the word "ideation" intimidating. What is it anyway? And "ideation lab?" I know most of us haven't had to set foot in a lab since high school or maybe colleg...  Read More
George Floyd Protests
September 15th, 2020
Attached below is the statement from Pivot NW concerning the George Floyd protests. Along with the many congregations we work with we pray for our communities and especially with and for our brothers ...  Read More
Succession and Sustainability: Our Year 3 Theme.
September 10th, 2020
Early on in the life of this grant we found ourselves giving general advice as to how to spend some of the considerable fund we had to give out. We had told our tier one churches that we were going to...  Read More
Young Adult Hospitality as Intergenerational Outreach
November 5th, 2019
In the Fall of 2019 Pivot NW attempted to host a dinner and panel discussion concerning Young Adult Hospitality. Our goal was simply to hear from voices in church and in the hospitality industry that ...  Read More
*UPDATE* Young Adult Hospitality Conversation Nov. 9
October 25th, 2019
***As of 10/29/19 we have cancelled this event due to a lower than anticipated interest. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear what of this idea was interesting t...  Read More
Pivot NW Fall 2019 Newsletter
October 25th, 2019
Click below to hear about research and innovation with the Pivot NW team this fall. ......  Read More