PACE Mentors

PACE Mentors help older adults learn how to better center and support young adults in congregations. We offer several ways to grow as a PACE Mentor: convene a Mentor group with fellow older adults in your church or other community, become a Liaison for a young adult in the Fellows Cohort program, help to shift congregational culture at an Integration Summit, or just engage Foundations material at your own pace. 

Mentor Coaching Drop-in Zooms

Perhaps you're already mentoring someone and you're not sure how to go deeper with your mentee? Or maybe you're a young adult who is navigating life challenges and would like a mentor to walk alongside you or you are curious how one finds a mentor? Pivot NW Research's "Ask Me Anything" style Zoom Room is the place for inspiration and conversation for all-things mentoring. We have spent the last 5 years watching and learning about intergenerational mentoring, best practices, and especially its effects on young adults. We are offering a variety of times and one is sure to work for you so click on a time to join Martin in conversation.
(p.s. Also a great place for pastors who are trying to foster more intergenerational community.)

PACE Mentors Engagement

Create a Mentor group at your church

Convene older adults to discuss ways to better support and be hospitable to young adults in or near your congregation. This can be done in congregations where young adults are present or congregations that don't have a population of 20-somethings, but hope to in the near future.

PACE Mentors Engagement

Become a Liaison to a young adult in the PACE Fellows Cohort

One way to invest in all young adults at your church is to deeply invest in the life of one young adult by accompanying them throughout the Fellows Cohort. Encourage them to apply, commit to walking with them, and demonstrate to both young and older adults what it looks like to invest in young leaders.

PACE Mentors Engagement

Make use of our open-source philosophy to explore PACE Foundations

Our Foundations content is free and open to all. Explore different materials at your leisure. However, we do think our content is best engaged in community. So, we encourage you to find conversation partners, whether they be young adults or older adults with whom you can grow in empathy for the 20-somethings in your lives. 

Pivot NW Research
Mentor Guide

We have done a lot of work listening to young adults and the intergenerational community that has cared for them well. We have also done a fair bit of research, listening and engaging both academic and popular resources on mentorship in all its forms (traditional, reverse, reciprocal, etc.). Benefit from our investment by downloading our free guide to help you explore your calling mentoring others (hopefully young adults) or starting a program at your church. We'd also love to chat with you about strategies for programs both highly structured, super informal, or the lone wolf approach. Reach out today!

Anticipated Questions about PACE Mentors:

  • As a Liaison for a PACE Fellow, what are my duties?
    • PACE Liaisons each support, encourage, and advocate for one PACE Fellow as that person goes through our Fellows Cohort program. You will learn alongside the Fellow through our curriculum and also be an important point of connection between your church and the young adult, helping the church understand the importance of this work and develop ways to come alongside young adults. Pivot NW Research will support you with resources—including funds—to help facilitate connection and honor your time commitment. Learn more on the PACE Fellows page.
  • What support can I expect if I want to create a Mentors group at my church?
    • This is an exciting, innovative stretch for us and we are open to input as we decide how these programs operate in connection with your Mentor group. We’d love to hear how you would like to organize and what support we can provide you in the process.