PACE Fellows

PACE Fellows is a cohort program for young adults designed to help them live more fully into their gifts, calling, and leadership of the church. Each PACE Fellow will enter the program with a sponsoring church, pastor, and a liaison to walk alongside them. A successful Fellowship will have elements of relationship building, innovation, confidence building, and reciprocal intergenerational support.

2022-23 Fellows Cohort

Arts & Artistry—Partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary's Brehm Center

Artistry in the church is often something that feels compromised, marginalized, or inappropriately instrumentalized for other priorities in the church such as evangelism. This cohort will work with facilitators from the Brehm Center to help young adults (and their liaisons) find more comfort operating in the church and advocating for themselves, their peers, and their artistic concerns.
2022-2023 Schedule:
Fall Retreat to Camp Casey (Fully subsidized: $500 value)        Sep 30-Oct 2
Facilitator Group A: 3rd Monday of the month zoom call 6-8pm (or in-person/hybrid by group decision)
10/17, 11/21, 12/19, 1/16, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17, 5/15
Facilitator Group B: 3rd Tuesday of the month zoom call 7-9pm (or in-person/hybrid by group decision)
10/18, 11/22, 12/20, 1/17, 2/21, 3/21, 4/18, 5/16
Spring Retreat to Camp Casey (Fully subsidized: $500 value)        Apr 28-Apr 30

Meet our Facilitators

Rachel Morris has been serving churches in the Pacific Northwest for over ten years as a musician, liturgical curator, and pastor, and is currently the Director of Worship, Music, & the Arts at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA. She graduated from Whitworth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music; she is currently pursuing her Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship at Portland Seminary, as well as seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).
Sam Kim is a Korean-Canadian who has lived in many different cities before calling Seattle home. He graduated from Regent College in Vancouver, BC with a Master in Christian Studies (Arts and Christianity) and from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC with a Master of Divinity. He loves to explore the connections between spirituality and art in its various forms. In his life outside of church ministry, he records and produces music in various genres. Sam and his wife Rhea with their daughter Eden enjoy exploring the foods, arts, and music of Seattle together. You can find his work at

Upcoming Fellows Cohorts

2023-2024 Social Justice—Partnership TBA

Social Justice is a core value for many young people and the prophetic voice they have brought to the church in the last decade has challenged God's people. This cohort will play in the sandbox of innovative ways to bring social justice initiatives into the church and decide what partnerships can help move the needle on faith formation and outreach to the oppressed.

2024-2025 Entrepreneurship/Enterprise (tentative)—Partnership TBA

This is not just another "Doing Business As a Christian" community. This theme may narrow further into specific enterprises such as green business, triple-bottom-line, B Corp movement, or other philosophies that look at shalom-building, positive contributions to our ecology and mental health, as well as other deep issues that young Christians want integrated into their lives.

Common Elements across the Fellows Cohort Program:

  • Each Fellow must be connected with a church and have a supporting statement and promise of support from the senior pastor and a liaison (aka mentor).
  • Both Pastor and Mentor are expected to spend some time studying the Mentorship materials in our Foundations program.
  • Mentors are expected to attend meetings with the Fellows to be a quality interlocutor and advocate within the sponsoring congregation.
Funds will be provided for:
  • The young adult, to honor their time and commitment;
  • The mentor, to honor their time and commitment;
  • Time beyond the 2 retreats for the young adult and mentor to have meals or coffee dates together to discuss hurdles and opportunities.
  • *There may be opportunities for seed money or matching monies for promising innovations or starting projects. Likely, the funds would serve to jumpstart projects with the understanding that future efforts would be self-funded, find other funding, or be adopted into the church's budget priorities.