PACE Foundations

PACE Foundations provides materials designed to help the church and ministry leaders better understand young adults and themselves in order to develop innovative ministries to engage young adults.  

We spent five years working with churches, deeply listening to young adults, doing both qualitative and quantitative research—and now we want to share what we've learned.  

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PACE Foundations

The Pivot NW Podcast centers the faith lives of young adults. Through conversations with ministry and thought leaders of all ages, we discuss the questions, concerns, and joys of young adulthood.

Curriculum (coming soon)

The Pivot NW Curriculum is a series of videos, podcasts, and reflection questions that you can move through at your own speed. Learn from young adults, Pivot NW researchers, theologians, and ministry leaders who have been steeped in this work for years.
Watch videos of our events and research presentations.
Read posts on a variety of topics pertinent to young adults and young adult ministry. Some of our blog posts are written by members of the Pivot NW team and some are written by our partners.