17-18 Original Pivot NW Research


Here is a presentation of our data and conclusions from original research we did in 2017-18. For more, follow the links to our blog post and download the research conclusion slides to follow along and/or share them with your faith community.

Mental and Spiritual Health Is Valued by Young Adults


With every new generation, being vulnerable and open about mental and spiritual health becomes more acceptable. We've seen very real and healthy pursuits of guidance in these areas, both casual and professional. Will the church participate and support these efforts?

Young Adult Communities Adapting to Stress


The pandemic has brought stress to every age group in the church, and each one a bit differently. We've seen resilient communities of young adults adapt and innovate to support one another during this time.

Young Adults and Digital Third Space


Young adults will create third spaces to be in community. The church can either be a helpful facilitator in creating safe third spaces or an obstacle to innovation.

Digital Native vs. Digital Savvy


Just because young adults can navigate the digital landscape easily doesn't mean they prefer the digital landscape. Church leaders ought to listen to what young adults want, not what fits preconceived notions of what they want.

Dr. Kathryn Saunders on Millennial Philanthropy


Dr. Kathryn Saunders presents on the why and how of nonprofit Millennial engagement. Often overlooked, misunderstood, and dismissed as a fundraising source, forming relationships with Millennials (and young adults in general) is key to the surviving, thriving, and evolution of most nonprofit work.

Dr. Paul Yost Addresses Change at the Fall 2018 Summit


Dr. Paul Yost addresses tools and pathways for change in an organization. He offers 4 models suited for churches changing their attitudes concerning young adult involvement and leadership.
This is the handout that accompanied the lecture and highlights change model frameworks for churches to self identify and critique their change process culture. Each frame has a corresponding biblical example.

Mark Yaconelli's Sermon at the SPU Chapel


This chapel kicked off a week of events at SPU in which Mark discussed storytelling. Pivot NW and University Ministries partnered to sponsor his visit. Find more Storytelling resources on our Innovation Tools page.

Rev. Dr. Chris James Reflects on His Book Concerning Urban Church Planting in Seattle.


We invited Chris James to present on his book as we celebrated its publishing. Our interest in his work relates to young adults tending to be over-represented in church plants.

Pastor Panel: Response to Chris James's Book


Three local pastors offer reflections on Chris James's book.

Dr. Melinda Denton on the Religiosity of American Adolescents


The Fall 2017 Summit was keynoted by Dr. Melinda Denton, a researcher and professor who studies the religiosity of adolescents as part of the National Study on Youth and Religion. Read more at