What We Believe

The Mission

Our mission is to help churches in the Pacific Northwest better engage young adults. We want to assist churches in creating new and innovative ministries that generate spaces and opportunities for young adults to exercise their own agency in shaping experiences that nourish their religious lives.

The Vision

We envision a shift in Pacific Northwest church culture that views young adults as valuable members of church communities, recognizing their contributions and elevating them to positions of influence and leadership within the congregation.


Christian Church

We value the Christian Church and choose to work with churches.

Young Adult Input

We value the input of young adults and, with humility, are constantly checking our work against their own conclusions about their needs and contexts.

Christian Doctrine

We are a Christian organization and value the doctrine of the Church outlined by the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. (are those good theological references? others?)

Broad Conclusions

We seek to be broad enough in our conclusions that they can be useful to the diverse manifestation of the Church.

Specific Conclusions

We seek to be specific enough in our conclusions to effectively help young adults feel welcome in and wanted by churches.


We value diversity, equity, and inclusion and seek to incorporate diverse voices in all aspects of our work.


We value innovative thinking and would rather try new ideas and fail than keep the status quo.


We value faithfulness more than success.