What the Church Young Adult Innovation “Labs” Are Up To

At the Fall summit, each of the 12 churches in the Pivot Northwest grant were asked to present their progress from the past year as a tri-fold (think Jr. High science-fair without the volcanoes). We analyzed the content on the tri-folds along with what the church leaders shared during their short presentations. While multiple values were seen within each individual church, three main themes emerged across most of the churches. These three themes include values, innovation process, and empowering young adults.

Values: The theme of values was reflected in several of the churches as they displayed their core values in large lettering on their posters, or frequently referred to their values in their presentations. While the exact wording of values differed from church to church, many observed values included a focus on community, relationship with God, and partnership.

How do these values compare to your church’s values?

Innovation Process: This theme was observed in multiple churches as they displayed and discussed their process by timeline or stage, noting where they have been and where they plan to go.

What has been your innovation process?

Empowering Young Adults: The theme of empowering young adults was clear in several churches who had plans for training young adults to take on more leadership roles in their congregations, specifically leadership of young adult programs.

Does this reflect what your instinct is for young adult ministry?

We love hearing stories about other churches who are following our work. Do you have something to share around these three themes that you want to share with us? Please email us at feedback@pivotnw.org

~Gabrielle Metzler




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