What Are You Reading to Increase Your YA Literacy?

Reviewing the literature that is part and parcel to our work is very revealing. We see both how young adults want to be regarded, and how non-young adults want to or have learned to regard them.

We just updated our Literature page to include links to a few other books that we have read, are reading, or plan to read this year. In some ways, it shows what tact we are taking with future topical efforts such as in Welcome to Dinner Church by Verlon Fosner, a Puget Sound-based pastor who has navigated the travails of a hospitality-focused church gathering. We hope to partner with a few locals like him in the near future to do an event that might help churches learn how to plan and execute better hospitality ministries that aim at connecting young adults to each other and others in the church.

Another book finished this last year is Tribal Church by Carol Howard Merritt. This book is being used by one of our congregations as a way to have a common experience/metaphor (that of a “tribe”) to make better decisions about their particular approach to including and connecting with young adults.

Another church we are walking with is reading through Growing Young by Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute. We know and love our colleagues at Fuller who are working on this same grant in their own Fuller way. We're excited to learn more about their approach and see how it translates into the congregation.

Follow the links on this site to check out the rest of the books we feature and please reach out on social media to tell us what you are reading, personally or in your church’s team.




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